Meow (myonlyskin) wrote in guerillaart,

guerilla art at work

at my job, we have these bulletin boards in the elevator where the office staff post bulletins and job related articles and other mind-numbing crap like that. i started tacking little notes up there. i use company paper and sticky stuff. some people started responding.

i posted one to my boyfriend that said,

"i love making out with you in the elevator"

i stuck it to the board and someone ripped it off before he could see it.
i posted another one that said, "i love you", which he got.

if i post anything obviously political or 'offensive' it gets torn down immediately.

other things stay up a little longer. like when i draw pictures on the actual work bulletins.

other people have joined in, i just hope that they dont install cameras in the elevator because that would take all the fun out of everything.
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